Harness the benefits of immersive interactive training.

The complete picture

Create incredible immersive content that engages and leads to improved retention.

Collaborate effectively

Empower your team to work cohesively when under pressure.

Immersive video conferencing

Enable remote participants to join immersive training experiences and communicate in 360 degrees.

Share multiple screens and devices

Work smarter by connecting all information and resources in a fully immersive, multi user environment.

Deliver an innovative approach to training in which your people can evolve through practical experience.

Experiential learning has long been argued as the most effective way to consume new thinking, and studies have shown that experience-based learning increases early adoption and improves retention of information.

Create a realistic version of a hazardous or tricky scenario.

You can test safety and compliance protocols in our settings, preparing and extending beyond passive learning and memorisation models.

With the ability to build in gamification, immersive learning can be fun and engaging for your people.

Touch Interactive

Our fully integrated system allows you to discover, create and edit content easily, resulting in a completely tailored experience for your teams.

360 Camera

Interactive immersive scenarios that your teams can engage through touch, sight, smell and sound.

360 Video Content Library

Bring any world to life in your classroom with the ability to simulate endless scenarios using 360 video, 3D renders or illustrations.

High Quality Projectors

State-of-the-art LED or laser projectors that help create a real-world experience.

Training and Ongoing Support

Our team will provide in-depth training and continuous support, giving you peace of mind every step of the way.

Advanced Tablet Control

Our easy-to-use system empowers you to create impactful learning environments and control scenarios dynamically from a visual interface.

Build your immersive interactive environment.

Our team of experts will assist you in selecting, preparing and building your interactive classroom.

Whatever your space or size, we guarantee that we can provide the best immersive solution for you.

Immersive Interactive Training FAQs

The immersive quality and interactivity of the spaces provide impactful platforms for hands-on, experiential training in nearly any setting or situation.

Ideal for group-based orientation and induction, bring sites or facilities to life with life like 360 video and high-quality renders.

Simulate hazardous work environments to practice safety procedures and hazard awareness without real risk.

Recreate complex equipment, machinery or process for hands-on training before working with real systems.

Create more engagement in important areas like safety training, utilising gamification, narrative and immersive media to make dry material more interesting.

Immerse trainees in realistic high-stress scenarios with distractions and consequences to build critical thinking and decision-making skills.

Enable repetitive practice of specialised skills and workflows in the virtual environment to build muscle memory and confidence.

Provide collaborative learning and foster team-work by enabling multiple users to experience and discuss exercises together.

Flexible spaces that can be rapidly reconfigured to support training across operational roles and responsibilities.

Enable on-demand delivery of standardised training content across locations but easily customisable for the specific details or challenges at each location.

Our immersive popup unit is a freestanding, rapidly deployable structure that creates a fully self-contained interactive space. The exterior can be customised with your own branding.

The portable unit is ideal for short-term events or campaigns. It can also serve as a permanent installation when construction is not possible.

The plug-and-play popup allows you to quickly establish an immersive environment anywhere for demos, promotions, classroom activities, and more. It provides a turnkey solution for temporary or permanent needs, with flexible branding possibilities.

Our spaces blend virtual reality’s sense of immersion with multisensory storytelling and gamification, creating highly engaging experiences for participants.

The immersive qualities make the learning process more enjoyable and improve information retention.

By challenging users to solve problems and make decisions within the experience, our spaces actively engage users with the material.

We offer various projector options to match the size, budget, and needs of your space. Ultra-short throw laser projectors are commonly used for their ability to project large, bright images from short distances. For larger spaces or situations requiring exceptionally high resolution, we can equip the system with high lumen 4K projectors.

Our experts will help select the ideal projectors to create stunning visuals within your immersive environment.

The multi-sensory, interactive nature of the rooms enables diverse applications, from didactic learning experiences to facilitator-led simulations and student-driven gamified activities. Educators can group experiences into collections that cover subjects from multiple perspectives.

Immersive informational content can be combined with challenging problem-solving activities or fun exercises for engagement. Experiences can vary in length and depth, allowing educators to tailor them to lesson plans. The versatility empowers creative approaches to teaching across subjects and age groups.

Immersive spaces are ideal for:

  • Orientation in different environments
  • Simulating real-world scenarios
  • Safely transporting students to hazardous locations
  • Honing observation and other skills
  • Enhanced 4D meetings
  • Educational escape rooms
  • Gamified learning activities
  • Setting an engaging context for lessons

Our state-of-the-art immersive studio software enables easy creation of interactive immersive content. Visual drag-and-drop tools allow you to add hotspots, popups, and add 360 or panoramic background videos or images – all from your browser.

The cloud-based platform supports 8K 360° video and provides a virtual room view to preview how scenes will look. Easily clone, edit, and remix existing content or create fully custom experiences using thousands of built-in assets or your own uploads.

Create once, then share and run content in any space. Collaborate with colleagues on immersive experiences using our optimized immersion room creation platform.

Our spaces are fully customizable based on each school’s needs and available room size. We have designed spaces ranging from 3m/10ft up to over 10m/33ft across, with a typical room being around 4m/13ft.

The spaces can be configured with different numbers of interactive surfaces, for example adding a back wall screen. An interactive floor can also be incorporated for additional

Whether building a compact immersive nook or a spacious fully surrounded environment, our solutions scale to make the most of your physical space. We work closely with you to engineer the optimal layout and surface configuration to match your programs, budget, and goals. Our flexible systems allow your space vision to become reality.

We offer complete training and support through multiple formats to equip your users with the knowledge to fully leverage the system and create engaging experiences.

Our solution includes comprehensive documentation, training materials, and ongoing in-person and online training.

We provide training on all aspects – using the spaces, finding/saving content, and creating impactful experiences.

Training materials consist of short video tutorials and walkthroughs for developing different content types.

Your team gets unrestricted access to our full knowledge base and online tutorials.

We can normally have your space up and running and your users trained how to use the software and content within 4-6 weeks of receiving the purchase order. Our team work extremely efficiently to minimise on-site disruption and all equipment is tested prior to on-site installation.