Immersive Studio

Let the genie out of the bottle with our high-quality immersive experiences.

Our unique rooms bring multi-sensory environments into any usable space, providing an engaging and expansive learning experience.

Immersive Studio lets you create unique, fully interactive, immersive experiences in your browser.

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FX Controller

The controller app allows instant, real-time control over LED lighting, aromas and other sensory effects.


Creates huge touch walls that help deliver powerful and engaging content.

Tablet Controller

Allows you to easily and instantly control content in your immersive space.


For any media, including images, video and web content such as Street View and YouTube.


Aligns and blends the projected images to create a seamless, immersive environment.

360 Player

Packed with thousands of graphics, photos, 360 videos and sounds.

Immersive Studio

Find and save content, plan your lessons or make your own interactive experiences
  • Our Studio allows you to create an inspirational and engaging experience – right in your browser. Using a simple interface, you can select a background video or image, drag and drop hotspots and create interactive hotspots and link experiences – all from any web browser.
  • The Studio also supports 8k 360-degree video and huge panoramic images and displays it in various space configurations.
  • Immersive Studio renders content attractively for your spaces and includes a virtual room view to preview scenes. Experiences created can be shared across your locations. The software is designed for simplicity, with a built-in asset library and theming system enabling easy professional experience creation.
  • The Studio also provides powerful yet accessible tools to develop engaging content from anywhere that looks amazing in your immersive rooms. Its cloud-based nature facilitates efficient multi-site experience distribution.

Our immersive studio dashboard makes finding and playing your content a breeze.

Find, create and manage all your content securely through any web browser from anywhere using our cloud-based immersive studio platform:
  • Find new experiences: See what’s new from our library, your organisation or the web. Filter by category, tag or type, or search for relevant content.
  • Save: Experiences you find can be saved easily and will be synchronised into your immersive rooms automatically.
  • Plan: Organise your experiences into collections for topics, events, playlists or presentations.
  • Control: Simply tap on the tablet to play your immersive experiences.
  • FXs control: Change the room colour or trigger scents on demand.

Control every aspects of your immersive experiences via the tablet.

You can seamlessly find and launch experiences for total immersion:
  • Search for and select experiences and collections of experiences via an intuitive visual interface on a tablet.
  • Dynamically control an experience or scenario, changing scene/state, displaying information, playing sound, controlling avatars etc.

Software that knows no limits to your creativity.

Easily create your own interactive experiences

Film or choose backgrounds from our huge library. Add hotspots and actions with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Add popups, videos, quizzes – anything you can imagine. Customise with themes, effects, and more. Preview in a virtual room and publish to sync across your immersive rooms.

Extensive range of components

Our fully integrated system makes it easy to create and customise engaging, interactive content. An extensive range of components let you add any interaction, media, or experience imaginable.


Easy, intuitive editing

Or interface is designed with the user in mind, making it easy for anyone to use.

We have introduced a drag-and-drop based approach with all common functionality implemented in the templates.

Defaults cover common cases, but full customisation is available in advanced options.

Highly visual approach

Preview your space and see how it’ll look in your unique virtual room.

Cloud based

Create endless experiences on any device or operating system. Editable from anywhere and all stored securely in the Cloud.
Works on any operating system – Windows, OSX, iOS, Android, Linux.

A complete solution

We’re the only company to provide truly unique 360 experiences, from initial site surveys to building your environment complemented by support.

Immersive Studio FAQs

Any content you create or upload to immersive studio can be shared with your colleagues and across spaces with ease. You’re in full control so everything is private and completely secure by default but you can give access to your organization so colleagues can utilise the experience, clone it and make their own remix or collaborate with you on an experience or collection of experiences.

Our immersive studio software seamlessly integrates 360-degree video to create engaging virtual experiences. The editor and room player support all major 360 formats and codecs, automatically correcting the spherical footage to display properly in rectangular rooms. You can utilize 360 videos from our extensive library or other providers as customizable environments or backdrops.

A key feature is the ability to film your own 360 video with ease and incorporate it, enabling you to produce highly localized content. Whether using our 360 catalogue or user-generated footage, our software empowers you to leverage 360 videos to its full potential for one-of-a-kind immersive experiences.

Immersive Studio empowers you to leverage huge panoramic images to easily add stunning backdrops to your experiences. You can upload panoramic images or select one of the high-quality in-built resources from the extensive and ever-expanding library. Studio gives you an extensive range of customisation options to help achieve the perfect look.

If you wish you can also target different walls with different backgrounds or even different templates.

The majority of content provided by our content team on immersive studio and many shared by our community can be cloned and edited to your requirements. That allows you to get quickly started with relevant content but customise it to the needs of your audience.

Our security credentials and configurable, minimally invasive software enable straightforward adoption even within stringent enterprise IT policies. We have a proven track record with major public and private sector clients worldwide.

We have extensive experience working with major corporations and government organizations globally, including the Israel Ministry of Education and UK’s NHS.

Our software is designed to require minimal permissions and access, while still providing IT departments a straightforward list of system and network requirements.

Experiences, collections, and templates stay up-to-date with automatic syncing of incremental changes for quick access to the latest versions. Our efficient downloader retrieves only updated content for fast syncing. Users simply tap play on the tablet app to launch the newest content.

Our platform enables you to create multiple spaces under your organisation. Any of your team members can log in to any space to access relevant content, experiences, and collections with a personalized view. Users also have the option to share any experience, collection, asset or theme organisation-wide. This allows you to build a set of shared resources that can be used across the organisation.

Studio is loaded with a growing and diverse collection of experiences made by our in-house content team and by our global community of users. In addition, you can utilise and interact with third party content, including YouTube, Street View and many more exceptional resources and websites.

The content can be saved to and managed via our easy-to-use cloud-based dashboard. Our team adds new interactive educational content each month and the community are also uploading new high-quality resources at a rapid pace.

Our spaces blend virtual reality’s sense of immersion with multisensory storytelling and gamification, creating highly engaging experiences for participants.

The immersive qualities make the learning process more enjoyable and improve information retention.

By challenging users to solve problems and make decisions within the experience, our spaces actively engage users with the material. Engagement then often continues beyond the immersive space, extending back into the classroom.

The multisensory, interactive nature of the rooms enables diverse applications, from didactic learning experiences to facilitator-led simulations and student-driven gamified activities. Educators can group experiences into collections that cover subjects from multiple perspectives.

Immersive informational content can be combined with challenging problem-solving activities or fun exercises for engagement. Experiences can vary in length and depth, allowing educators to tailor them to lesson plans. The versatility empowers creative approaches to teaching across subjects and age groups.

Immersive spaces are ideal for:

  • Orientation in different environments
  • Virtual field trips
  • Simulating real-world scenarios
  • Safely transporting students to hazardous locations
  • Transporting students through time or space
  • Honing observation and other skills
  • Enhanced 4D meetings
  • Educational escape rooms
  • Gamified learning activities
  • Setting an engaging context for lessons

The versatility allows educators to utilise the spaces for experiential learning across subjects, locations, and time periods. By sparking curiosity and active participation, immersive spaces promote deeper retention and engagement.

You can clone, edit and remix the majority of this content very easily using our editor and can create your own customised experiences from scratch, using some of the thousands of assets built into studio or uploading your own

Yes, immersive studio makes it easy to utilise third party content in the immersive space. You can incorporate web pages and applications into your experiences and use the touch functionality to control this content. Some ways to leverage external resources include:

YouTube Videos – Embed YouTube videos to display in the immersive environment. This allows you to supplement lessons with relevant video footage.

We support displaying 360 YouTube videos in the spaces and correct the content in real-time to display this spherical content in square rooms without distortion.

Google Street View – Integrate Street View imagery to create virtual tours tied to course material. Students can explore far-off places and terrain.

Web Browser – The system can display any website. Use this to showcase educational sites, online exhibits, interactive maps, and more.

3D Models – Import 3D models from online apps like BioDigital to examine from all angles in the space.

Audio – Include podcasts, interviews, music, and other audio clips for engaging auditory elements.

We offer complete training and support through multiple formats to equip your users with the knowledge to fully leverage the systems and create engaging experiences.

  • Our solution includes comprehensive documentation, training materials, and ongoing in-person and online training.
  • We provide training on all aspects – using the spaces, finding/saving content, and creating impactful experiences.
  • Training materials consist of short video tutorials and walkthroughs for developing different content types.
  • Your team gets unrestricted access to our full knowledge base and online tutorials.

We can normally have your space up and running and your users trained how to use the software and content within 4-6 weeks of receiving the purchase order. Our team work extremely efficiently to minimise on-site disruption and all equipment is tested prior to on-site installation.