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Immersive Studio
Version 2.8.0 Update

Documents Popup

The Document Popup allows you to upload documents (PDFs, Word etc) and display them inside a popup.

A new document popup type has been added.

And now the asset browser allows you to select and upload office documents and PDFs.

You can preview your documents in the editor. If you have multiple document slides the documents will flow on from one another and you will get a progress indicator.

Sequence Enhancements


A new slide type, Scoreboard has been added. This allows you to display a score message at the end of your experience/quiz, a users’ score will be taken from an atoms value. The Scoreboard includes settings such as “Grade Type” which allows you to display stars or text that will display a user’s “Grade”, the value of each grade will be based upon custom values.

The scoreboard allows you to display a score and result with extensive customisation options as to how the score is calculated and displayed.

Atoms [Advanced]

  • Atoms setters added: onSliderEntered and onSequenceCompleted – These atom setters allow you to set atom values based upon when the slide is entered or completion of the sequence. This is useful, for example to display an image or video alongside an intro slide.
  • Added capacity to disable slides using atoms. This might be used to show or hide different slides in the end sequence depending on the user’s behaviour or performance in the experience.

Disabling a slide if the user takes a certain amount of time in the experience

Example: displaying an image alongside a slide

Once the sequence is completed hide the accompanying image

Particle images

Both the background and touch particle templates now have the option to add multiple images. The allows you to create new, interesting visual effects


  • Sequence
  • Added Atom Scoreboard slide type.
  • Added support for atom setters: onSlideEntered and onSlideExit.
  • Added capability to disable slides using atom.
  • Added ability to launch End Sequence from via an Atom Expression.
  • Refactored sequence to keep sequence object into the scene.
  • Added new Document PopUp.
  • This allows you to display PDF and Word Documents.
  • Atom Expression Improvements
  • Added support for Not (!) operator.
  • Expressions will now convert type if it is valid.
  • Eg. Int Atoms can be valid as Float Expressions.
  • Image and Video Draggables are now grouped into a collapsible Tab Group.
  • Intro and End Sequences are now grouped into a collapsible Tab Group.
  • Particle System
  • Added image array support for background and touch particle systems.
  • Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue where Remote Control Hotspots state didn’t always match the correct state.
  • Draggables could disappear in edit mode if the Media Switcher initial index wasn’t 0.
  • Is Background Video Playing atom can be set on start.

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