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Immersive Studio
Version 2.7.0 Update


You can now use streamed YouTube videos as a background or popup media video in the Discovery template.

When selecting videos as the background type you now have the option to select the ‘Video Source’ where can select YouTube. Simply enter a the URL and in a few seconds the background image will be generated and you can select the appropriate video format.

Some things to note.

  • This feature is reliant is reliant on using taking the video source from the YouTube web page. This is not supported or documented by YouTube themselves and is therefore subject to change at any point without notice.
  • Because of the fact that YouTube block the use of these streams in another webpage directly only a still preview is available in editor, although the full video plays on the desktop (in the room).
  • Because it is streamed the quality and speed are reliant on the Internet speed in the room at the time. Except the stream to take a few seconds to load in most cases.
  • We try to detect and load the video with the highest resolution to give the best experience in the room.
  • However because there is no public documentation on YouTube organise their videos this might not always work correctly.

Atoms Video Manipulation (Advanced)

Additional atoms functionality has been added in order to support different video usage scenarios, including for example green-screen people avatars with different sequences.

  • On Video Finished Atom – Atom Video Switcher now allows each individual video to use the “On Video Finished” feature. For example you can now switch to a different video in the list then when that is finished open a scene link.
  • Video Time Atom – This allows you to jump to specific points in the video. You could add a skip forward or back button or have a number of different responses from a person in an avatar video and switch to those depending on the context.


  • Bug Fixes:
  • When changing Hotspot Type (Region, Image) the Gizmo will remain highlighted.
  • Added YouTube Video Support
  • You can now set Backgrounds and PopUp Media as YouTube videos.
  • This feature is experimental and utilised undocumented external APIs.
  • It is liable to stop working without notice.
  • Video Draggables Improvements
  • When using Atom Video Switcher, each video now has an On Video Finished Atom.
  • Video Time Atom can now be set.
    • This allows you to jump to specific points in the video.
  • Input into scene is now disabled when Seetings, Atoms, Theme, and Scene tabs are open.
  • This removed unexpected input.

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