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Version 2.4.0 Update

Image and Video ‘draggables’

The 2.4.0 update is one of the most important and consequential updates to the Discovery Template yet and starts us down the path towards the future of the Discovery Template. 

The headline feature is the ability to drag images and videos in the Hotspots and PopUp Scene template scene just like you can with Hotspots. This provides far more flexibility when composing your scene and makes it easy to combine different elements and assets into a single cohesive scene. These are incredibly simple to use for anyone with experience with the Discovery Editor.

Adding an image into the scene

Adding an video into the scene


Images and Videos true power is revealed when used in conjunction with our other new feature, Atoms. Atoms are a system of shared variables that can be set based upon different events in the experience, and can be used to control other parts of the experience. 

For example Atoms can be used to control when an Image or Video is visible and even when a Video is playing. 

Atoms can be set by a Hotspot, when it is triggered or it’s actions complete, or by a PopUp, when it is opened or closed, or in a variety of other places throughout the Discovery Template. This allows us to connect separate systems together in brand new ways, creating experiences that would never be possible in the past. 

Here are some examples of these new capabilities:

Displaying additional Media on specific PopUp Slides.

Displaying additional Media at specific points in a Video.

Learn more by using the articles in the knowledge base

Experience Preview

This update also brings the ability to preview and interact with experiences in the dashboard enabling you to try out an experience before deciding whether to save it.

A new preview button has been added in the experience detail view, simply click on it to view the experience. You can then interact with the experience with your mouse and switch between flat and virtual room views.

If an experience has multiple elements on different surfaces you can also select this within the preview modal window.


  • Added Image and Video Media Draggable objects to Hotspots and PopUp Scene Template.
  • These a objects you can drag onto the scene (like Hotspots) and they will display the selected media.
  • Image Draggables allow you to select an image to display.
  • Video Draggables allow you to select a video to display.
    • Settings control:
    • Looping
    • Audio Volume
  • Image and Video Draggables have integration with the new Atoms system.
  • There is a new section in the Left Panel “Sort Media”.
    • This allows you to sort the rendering order of Image and Video Draggables.
    • These will always display beneath the Hotspots.
  • Added initial support for Atoms.
  • Atoms are variables which can be controlled via events in the experience.
  • The value of an an Atom can then be used to control other parts of the experience.
  • For example:
    • An Bool Atom can be set to true when a Hotspot is Triggered.
    • When that atom is true a Video Draggable will start playing.
    • This allows you to control the Video Draggable from the Hotspot, two completely seperate systems.
  • There are 4 types of Atoms: Bool, Int, Float and String.
  • Atoms can be User Created or Predefined.
  • Atoms can be Global or Per Scene.
  • Users can view, edit and create new Atom from the Atom Manager.
  • There is a new property in the Advanced section of the Global Settings to enable an Atom Debug View
    • This displays all current Atoms alongside their current value.
  • Atoms can be set from the following places:
  • Hotspots: On Hotspot Triggered, On Hotspot Action Complete.
    • Multi Hotspots: On Opened, On Closed.
    • PopUp Global Settings: On PopUp Opened, On PopUp Closed, On Index Changed.
    • PopUp Slides: On Slide Entered, On Slide Exited.
    • Video Draggable: On Video Finished, Current Video Time.
    • More will be added in the future.
  • Atoms can be used to control the following:
    • Image and Video Draggables: Is Enabled
    • Video Draggable: Is Playing
    • More will be added in the future.

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