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Immersive Studio
version 2.28.0 Update

Update: Discovery Template 2.27.0


🔍 New Wipe-To-Reveal Feature: Introducing the Wipe-To-Reveal Draggable, allowing the addition of multiple wipe images and videos into a scene. Includes all standard settings of the Wipe Scene Template, plus new options like Eraser Size and Wipe Props preview.

🎮 Remote Control Enhancements: Major updates to Remote Controls with global settings, ability to disable Scene Switcher, and a new and improved Scene Controls tab replacing the SoundBoard RC Tab. This includes Atom Remote Control settings for enhanced scene interactivity from tablet.

🖼️ UI Draggable Improvements:  UI draggables have a new fixed to background position type, enhancing consistent positioning like Hotspots.

🛠️ Bug Fixes: Resolved an issue where the Timer would count down during the Intro Sequence of the Initial Scene. Darken Background now applies correctly to UI draggables. 



How to Get the Update:

Already released template will auto update on desktop and web. 

Release Notes

  • Wipe To Reveal Draggable
    • Introduced a new draggable feature, Wipe To Reveal, which enables the addition of multiple wipe images and videos to the scene.
    • Wipe Draggables have all of the same settings as the Wipe Scene Template.
  • Added Eraser Size and Wipe Props to preview in Wipe Scene Template.
  • Remote Control Improvements
    • Added Global Remote Control Settings.
      • Adds option to disable Scene Switcher.
    • SoundBoard RC Tab has been replaced with more generic Scene Controls Tab.
    • Sound Board now has display text to explain functionality.
  • Added Atom Remote Control settings to Scene Settings
    • Introduced a Scene Settings tab called “Atom Remote Control”, allowing users to configure buttons which will call an Atom Setter when pressed.
    • Using a separate Atom Expression you can control when these buttons are enabled or disabled.
  • UI Draggables are now rendered on a separate Sub Canvas.
    • This means the Darken Background settings apply to UI Draggables.
  • Added new Advanced UI Draggable position type Fixed to Background.
    • Draggable will be anchored to the same point in the background.
    • Acts very similarly to Hotspot positioning.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed bug where Timer would count down on Initial Scene while Intro Sequence was open.

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