Software Versions

Immersive Studio
version 2.27.0 Update

  • Quiz PopUp
    • Improved Quiz Sequence Type with following toggles
      • Accept Incorrect Answers: If true, it will accept incorrect answers; otherwise, it will force the user to answer correctly and reset the question on an incorrect answer.
      • Display Correct Screen: If true, it will display the correct screen when a question is answered correctly. If false, it will move to the next question.
      • Display Incorrect Screen: If true, it will display the incorrect screen when a question is answered incorrectly. If false, it will either move to the next question or reset the question based on the Accept Incorrect Answers toggle.
  • Added the On Tap Atom Setter to the Image and Video draggables.
    • Removes the need for Region Hotspots in certain circumstances.
    • All draggables now have Input Priority Components to ensure that touch always hit the object on top.
  • PopUp
    • Added description text for the selected popup type and question type.
  • Added support for Persistent Atoms.
    • These Atom’s value are saved between sessions.
    • Can be useful for features like storing High Scores.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Background Per Surface Fill Width now functions correctly.
    • Mouse Input now works correctly with Stacked Layouts on Desktop.
    • Wipe To Reveal is now disabled while End Sequence is open.
    • Score Draggable background is now correctly hidden when disabled.
    • Sequences Hotspots now correctly display Glow when enabled.
    • UI Draggable Gizmo replicator caused a null error after switching scenes.

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