Software Versions

Immersive Studio
version 2.26.0 Update

  • Performance Improvements
    • Significant performance improvements on low end hardware.
  • New Hotspot Action “Play/Pause Background”.
    • Each time the hotspot is triggered it toggles background playback.
    • Option to control audio or not.
  • Simulator Improvements
    • Added Reset View buttons to preview controls.
    • Trackpad scrolling can now be used to move around Flat View and Virtual Room.
    • Flat View
      • Zoom Buttons allow quick zooming into a specific surface.
      • Zooming will now centre on the cursor position instead of the middle.
      • Scrolling now has momentum and bounces at the edges.
  • Text PopUp
    • Added option to override default title and body style.
  • PopUp Audio
    • PopUp Open/Close and Index Change audio can be overridden per PopUp.
  • Youtube Support changes.
    • Youtube Extractor now connected to Production or Dev URL based upon the Environment Variables.
  • Bug Fixes
    • After a scene link, Background Video now plays even if the previous scene video had paused.
    • Fixed some minor Atom Expression Bugs.
    • Audio Property volume sliders should now be work working on Desktop.
    • Labelling Quiz and Content Picker PopUp have had their Gizmo scaling handles restored.

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