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Immersive Studio
version 2.25.0 Update

  • Gizmo Improvements
    • When multiple draggables are overlapping, the top draggable will now be correctly selected.
    • If a draggable is selected its gizmo appears on top and it gets interaction priority.
    • Scaling is now only enabled when the draggable has been selected.
    • Draggables are highlighted when hovered over.
  • Added support for the Modulus Operator in Atom Expressions.
    • “%”
  • Aspect Ratio Changes
    • Template now supports the Physical Aspect Ratio argument.
    • Floor is now set to scale its aspect ratio dynamically rather than being a fixed aspect ratio.
  • Sequence
    • Close Button
      • Added an option to include a close button that allows users to exit the sequence without completing all the slides.
  • Added Predefined Global Quiz Atoms.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • UI Draggables will now always appear below PopUps.
    • Surfaces will now be displayed in the correct place when using Borderless Window Mode (Desktop).
      • In the past the Y position could be incorrect.
    • Sequences
      • The quiz slide will now correctly display results from quiz atoms.
      • The End Sequence can now be launched immediately upon scene load.
      • Fixed an issue where an intro sequence with only one slide did not work correctly when set to Disable via atoms.

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