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Immersive Studio
Version 2.23.0 Update


  • PopUp Control Style
  • Added a popup control style into Discovery as follows
    • Full: The Next, Previous, and Close buttons are initially active, with this being the default style.
    • ForwardAndClose: Only the Next and Close buttons are active, simplifying slide navigation.
    • ForwardOnly: The Next button is active and becomes a Close button on the final slide.
    • ForwardAndBack: The Next and Previous buttons are active, with the Next button changing to a Close button on the final slide.
  • The position of the control panel can be customized
    • Default: The control panel is positioned on its default side.
    • Left: The control panel is positioned on the left side of the popup.
    • Right: The control panel is positioned on the right side of the popup.
  • Escape Room Locks are now available to all users.
  • Added support for Locking and Disabling Elements in Reorderable List.
  • When changing from 2D to 3D camera type, or vice versa, all draggables will be rescaled to appear the same size.
  • In the past some draggables would appear to change size.
  • Bug Fixes:
  • If you opened a PopUp in editor, exited play mode without closing the PopUp, then reopened the PopUp you would get an error when closing the PopUp.
  • Fixed issue of UI draggables not appearing in experience preview.

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