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Immersive Studio
version 2.22.0 Update

  • Quiz PopUp
    • Timer
      • The Timer Property can be overridden from global settings to set it differently for each question
      • The “Timer Running Out” audio will stop when the pop-up is closed
    • Multi-Select Quiz
      • Resolved the issue where the multi-select quiz incorrectly displayed answer states upon reveal.
    • Labelling Quiz
      • Extended the label’s drag area and made it fixed, instead of varying with the size of the question image in the labeling quiz.
  • Hotspot Improvements
    • Added Close On Action Complete property to Multi Hotspot.
    • Added On Hotspot Action First Complete Atom Setter.
    • This is useful for “Find the X” experiences as PopUp can be opened multiple times, but the setter only gets called once.
    • Hotspot State Improvements
    • Is Enabled expression no longer overrides all other Hotspot States.
      • Eg. Hotspots using the Is Enabled Expression will observe Max One Hotspot setting and will disable while Sequence is open.
  • Escape Room Locks
    • Added option to change Scene Transition style for all On Unlocked Scene Links.
    • Descramble Lock Scene Link On Unlock now works.
    • All Locks will now have interactivity disabled while the Intro/End Sequence is open.
    • Descramble Lock now fully observes RTL.
  • Intro/End Sequence
    • Darken Background is set to true by default.
  • Splat Improvements
    • Increased the limit from 5 to 20 Splattable Elements.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Wipe Scene Template
      • Brush Sprite now appears above the Wipe Image.
      • Brush offset X is now a slider.

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