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Immersive Studio
Version 2.20.0 Update


  • Background
    • Youtube Video
      • Added a component to sync video with audio when both are being played separately.
  • Quiz PopUp
    • Categorization Quiz
      • The layout of the categorization quiz has been made more dynamic to prioritize the height of the category title and its items when the image type is used.
  • Matching Pair Quiz
    • Added a “Reveal Mode” property to reveal the answer eigher after each pair is connected or after all pairs are connected.
    • Introduced a property to add a “Check Result Button,” enabling users to submit their answers after all pairs are connected. If disabled, answers will be submitted automatically once all pairs are connected.
    • Implemented an option to undo connected pairs by clicking on them again.
    • Fixed bug where Deleting a matching pair wouldn’t update the preview.
  • Question Panel
    • The order of images and text can be set when its visual type is “TextImage.”
  • Sequence
    • Fixed RTL support for quiz slide score text
    • Hotspot size will remain unchanged while resizing the sequence.
  • Content Picker PopUp
    • Added RTL settings which allows you to control RTL for labels and instruction text.
    • Supports new Global RTL.
  • Escape Room Lock Improvements
    • Audio
      • Audio Volume can now be changed.
      • Lock Audio can now be changed in the Theme.
    • Numberpad Lock
      • Added option to change A and B buttons to display different characters.
    • Improved End Screen.
      • End Screens are visually improved with typing animation.
    • Locks now work with reorderable lists.
      • Can be layered above and below other draggables.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed bug where Slide Audio only worked on first quiz Question.
    • Wipe To Reveal now works in Web Preview.
    • Fixed issue where PopUps couldn’t be closed twice if they aren’t displayed on the default surface.
  • Optimisation
    • Glow generation has been optimised specifically when the reference texture is large.
    • Improved load time and can resolve Out Of Memory Errors on Web.

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