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Immersive Studio
Version 2.2.0 Update


  • Quiz PopUp
  • Added new Multi Select question type into the Quiz PopUp.
    • This is similar to Multi Choice however user select one or more options as correct.
  • Added Sequence question type to Quiz PopUp.
    • A series of options can be “dragged and dropped” into the correct order.
    • A check button should be pressed when ready to check order.
    • Horizontal, Vertical, Snake, Circular and Eliptical positioning options are available.
  • Updated “Check Result” button.
    • Button appears on Side Panel now making it easier to touch.
    • Added a tick image to the “Check Result” button.
    • It is now possible to change the text on the “Check Result” button in the Quiz Text Provider.
  • Matching Pairs Quiz slides have option alter Centre Offset.
    • This allows for one side of the matching pair to be wider than the other.
  • Added an option to Disable Quiz Title.
  • Background Improvements
  • Equirectangular, Immersive Cube and Youtube Equiangular Backgrounds new settings.
  • Pitch and Roll can be altered alongside the existing Yaw Rotation.
  • Vertical Scale and Vertical Offset.
  • Fixed Distortion issue with Equirectangular Backgrounds.
  • Fixed bug where Media PopUp wouldn’t appear if video was empty.
  • Fixed bug when scaling hotspots that had images which were not equal in X and Y dimensions.

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