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Immersive Studio
Version 2.19.0 Update

Introducing the Content Picker PopUp

    • Dual-Panel Design for Enhanced Content Selection: The Content Picker PopUp is a new addition to the platform with dual-panel layout. This layout is designed to facilitate easier navigation and interaction, significantly enhancing the content selection process.
      • Picker Panel with Interactive Features: The Picker Panel has been designed to include a background image, overlaid with interactive, “tappable” labels. This intuitive design allows users to engage with the content effortlessly, making the selection process both efficient and enjoyable. Labels can be set to Text, Image or as a Region.
      • Content Panel for Diverse Content Types: Activating upon label selection, the Content Panel supports an array of content types, including Media, Text, and Documents. It inherits the features of existing PopUps, ensuring a unified and seamless user experience across different content formats.

    Remote Control Integration Enhancements

    • Sequence Control in Slideshow Mode: In popup Remote Control with slideshow mode, sequence control buttons will now be disabled to streamline the viewing experience.
    • Quiz PopUp Improvements: Rich tags are removed in quiz popup mode to simplify interaction. Additionally, remote control functionality has been expanded to include support for sequence quizzes.
    • Image Support: This update extends image support to media, split, and quiz popups, enriching the visual content.

    Theme Audio Settings

    • Volume Control for Audio Clips: A significant addition to our theme customization options is the introduction of volume settings for all Audio Clips. This feature allows users to adjust the audio levels to their preference, ensuring an optimal auditory experience across the platform.

    Voting Quiz Enhancements

    • Interactive Feedback with Click Sounds: A click sound now plays upon button interaction, providing auditory feedback for user actions.
    • Advanced Quiz Lifecycle Management: New Atom Setters for On Quiz Started and On Quiz Completed have been introduced, providing creators with enhanced control over quiz events and enriching the participant’s experience.

    Quiz PopUp Enhancements

    • Quiz PopUp Atoms: New atoms have been introduced for indicating correct or incorrect options selected in a quiz popup, enhancing the learning and feedback mechanism.

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