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Immersive Studio
Version 2.17.0 Update

Draggable Conversions Update

This update brings some changes to some of our currently existing components, including the Timer and Action Buttons. These components have been converted into Draggable versions, allowing you to move and resize them around the screen and even add multiple of these components to a scene.


Timers now have presets, allowing you to easily set up a timer that tracks the time of currently existing systems such as the Background Video time and the Splat game duration. More of these presets will be added over time.

The Timer component has also had a few improvements when it comes to Atom support, including being able to attach a Float Atom to it. With this functionality, you can now do the following:

– Read the Timer’s current time (in seconds) from the attached Atom

– Modify the Timer’s current time by changing the attached Atom’s value

– Attach a Global Atom to the timer for timers that track time across multiple scenes

Some other improvements to timers include the following:

– You can now change the Time Format (how the timer’s value is displayed) for all Timer Types instead of just Stop Watches

– You can now change whether the Timer will tick during an Intro or End sequence (by default, this functionality is deactivated)

– Atom Expressions to display or hide the timers

– Atom Expressions to pause StopWatch or Virtual Clock timers

Action Buttons

Action Buttons have had some other improvements to add Atom Support. These include:

– Atom Setter Action for when a user presses the Action Button

– Atom Expressions for displaying or hiding the Action Button

Miscellaneous enhancements

Added ability to control the volume of background videos.

– Replaced the Hotspot Counter in the Hotspots and Popups scene with the Score Draggable.

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