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Immersive Studio
Version 2.16.0 Update

Browser PopUp

A PopUp type “Browser” has been added, which allows you to display web pages in a PopUp window from a specified URL. Please note: due to WebGL limitations, this functionality is exclusively available in the Standalone build. When using Studio in the Web, a placeholder preview will be displayed instead of the actual Popup.

Countdown Slide

A new Countdown slide type has been added to the Intro Sequence, allowing you to initiate a countdown before starting the experience. This slide offers customization options for the countdown visual, which can be displayed as either Text or Image. Additionally, you can enhance the countdown with various animations:

  • Scale: The count will scale from a given start value to a target value within a specified duration.
  • Fade: The count will fade from a set start opacity to a target opacity.
  • ScaleAndFade: The count will simultaneously scale and fade.
  • Wipe: The count will be wiped out, with the direction of the wipe adjustable. The options for wipe direction include:
    • Horizontal: The count will be wiped horizontally, starting from either the Left or Right side.
    • Vertical: The count will be wiped vertically, beginning from either the Bottom or Top.
    • Radial: The count will be wiped in a 360-degree radial pattern. The origin of the wipe can be set to the Top, Bottom, Left, or Right.

Bug Fixes:

  – Fixed bug where Mute wouldn’t always work on Per Surface Videos.

  – Fixed bug where Hotspot Click Audio would double play on tap.

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