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Immersive Studio
Version 2.15.0 Update

Drawing Scene template

A new scene template has been added, which allows you to create a drawing activity using various different tools and colours. Users can interact with a menu to select tools, colours, and brush sizes and interact with the wall to draw an image.

The template has plenty of options to allow you to customise what functionality is enabled on the canvases.

  • Tool Size Menu for choosing brush, eraser, and line sizes. You can customise what brush sizes are available to the user or disable the menu and specify a single brush size.
  • Colour Menu for choosing brush colours. You can specify what colours are available on the menu through readily made presets, or you can create your own custom palette. Alternatively, you can disable the menu and specify a single colour.
  • Tool Menu for choosing what tools the user can choose from. You can customise what tools are enabled within the scene from the following options:
    • Brush
    • Eraser
    • Flood Fill
    • Colour Picker
    • Line Tool
    • Export
    • Clear canvas button allows users to clear the drawings on the wall.

On top of the background settings, intro / end sequence settings, and action button settings, there are a variety of different options for customising the scene as well as a few other features:

  • Choose which surfaces the canvases are enabled on.
  • Enabling / Disabling the toolboxes altogether.
  • Export tool allows for saving the image into the downloads folder.
  • Remote Control support for customising the currently selected tool and its properties for every canvas.
  • Persistent Image setting allows the scene to save the images on the canvas upon leaving the scene, and loading them back in when the scene is loaded again.

Coloured backgrounds

A new background type has been added to the background properties called “Colour”, which allows you to specify a solid background colour for your scene instead of an image or video. The default value remains as black, but you can now change it to anything you’d like!

An option has also been provided to set the background colour in the 2D background settings. This will be the colour of the background that isn’t covered by the currently existing background media applied within the scene.

Sound Board

Sound board has now been added to Background Particle, Touch Particle, Wipe, Splat and Drawing Scene templates enabling you to add sounds which can be triggered from the tablet to those templates as well as Discovery now.


  • Added Drawing Scene template to Discovery Editor.
  • Allows users to draw images on the wall using various tools and colours.
  • Tools include brush, eraser, line, fill, colour picker, and clear canvas.
  • Users have the ability to choose the size of their brush, eraser, and line tools.
  • Users have the ability to choose the colour of their brush, line, and fill tools with the dedicated menu or the colour picker tool.
  • A tool has been provided that allows users to export their image, which should be placed inside the Downloads folder.
  • UserEditable settings
    • Experience creators can modify various aspects of the scene, including which canvases are enabled and what tools the users playing the experience can use.
    • There are options provided to specify what tool sizes and colors the users can choose from, either from various presets or by overriding them with their own options.
    • An option called “Persistent Images” can be enabled, which saves the images on the canvas upon exiting from the scene and loads them back in once the scene loads.
  • Added Sound Board to Background Particle, Touch Particle, Wipe, Splat and Drawing Scene Templates.
  • Background Improvements
  • New Background Type “Colour”.
  • New Advanced Setting for 2D backgrounds “Scene Background Colour”.
    • This is the colour that will be displayed in areas not covered by media.

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