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Immersive Studio
Version 2.11.0 Update

Wipe Progress Indicator

The progress indicator has now been added to wipe to reveal scene, this allows you to track how much of the image has been wiped away

Multi Popup

A New feature has been added that allows you to add multiple popups to one hotspot, you can choose whether the popups simultaneously all launch or sequentially launch, one at a time.


  • Implemented a feature to launch multiple popups from a single hotspot, with options to:
  • Simultaneously launch all popups.
  • Sequentially launch popups, one at a time.
  • Added Progress Indicator to Wipe To Reveal Scene Template.
  • Wipe Completion is default Progress Operation
  • Bug Fixes
  • Fixes some issues where audio clips were cut off.
  • Media Draggable
    • Fixed issue where draggables would appear at the incorrect size, or not at all, if the initial Atom Media Switcher Index was not 0.

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