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Immersive Studio
Version 2.10.0 Update

Progress Indicator

The Progress Indicator allows you to track the progress of the following: “Background Video”, “Hotspot Progress” or a “Custom Atom”. You are given the ability to alter how to indicator track progress and how it is displayed to the user.

Escape Room Components [beta]

The escape room components bring the ability to add elements into which users must enter a code or passphrase to unlock; opening the possibility of endless fun and engaging escape room activities!

The new components consist of 3 lock options:

Descramble Lock – This lock requires a use to guess the word based on the letters given

Sliding Lock – This lock consists of a 4 number combination where a user can slide along the number options, once a user gets the correct combination the padlock will unlock

Number pad Lock – This lock consists of a number pad where a user has to discover the combination from the numbers provided

Additional features:

– Set an “On Open” action (atoms)

– Change the style of your locks (Images, colours, sound)

– Atom integration

– Ability to display message once user has unlocked lock


  • Added Progress Indicator
  • The progress displayed can be:
    • Background Video Progress
    • Hotspot Completion
    • Custom Atom Expression
    • This allows Atoms users a high degree of customisability.
  • Indicators can be in a “Bar” or “Pie Chart”
  • Users can edit, colours, images, shape and size.
  • Text overlays can be added showing a textual representation of the progress.
  • Added Escape Room Locks
  • Descramble Lock
    • Define a word whose letters are then randomised.
    • Users must taps the letters in the correct order to unlock.
  • Sliding Lock
    • Define a 4 number code.
    • Users must slide the numbers to enter the code and unlock.
  • Numberpad Lock
    • Define a 2 to 6 digit code.
    • Users type on numberpad to enter code and unlock.
  • Note: Currently only available if you have the Superuser Role.
  • Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issues with Atom Event System
    • Fixes issue where event couldn’t be deleted properly.
    • Atom Events can no longer trigger in edit mode.

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