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Immersive Studio
Version 2.1.0 Update


  • Added Wipe To Reveal scene template.
  • Supports Intro and End Sequence.
  • Allows users to define a “Background” and a “Wipe” image.
  • The Wipe image will be removed/revealed as people wipe the surface in an Immersive Room.
  • Supports Finite and Regenerating modes.
    • Finite = Once and area is “wiped” it is perminantly removed.
    • Regenerating: Wiped areas will regenerate over time.
  • Refactored system to reposition objects when camera changes from 2D to 3D.
  • This is required to support new systems such are Hotspot Stems and Bezier Path Animation
  • Multi Hotspots now have a Child Hotspot Relative Scale Property
  • Quiz PopUp Improvements
  • Multichoice questions can be setup with upto eight options.
  • Added UserEditable properties to change the correct, incorrect, and timesup images of a quiz style.
  • Added Vertical Offset property for the PopUp Position.

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