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Immersive Studio
Version 2.0.0 Update


  • Add Multi Scene Support
  • Users can create multiple scenes in a single experience.
  • Currently there is one Scene Template type, Hotspots and PopUps
  • Scenes can be linked by Scene Links
    • Via Hotspots or End Sequence.
    • Global Settings include:
    • Quiz Text
    • Advanced Debug Settings
    • Theme
    • All other settings on a per scene basis.
  • Revamped Theme
  • Theme now has its own button on the Left Panel
  • Multiple Theme Tabs
  • Added option to Theme to disable PopUp Open and Slide animations.
  • Fixed bug where Glow would still display in Desktop even if Glow Type set to None.
  • Fixed issues with Background video where they would mute correctly.
  • Added new Image Hotspot Visual Mode feature.
  • Default
  • Invisible Until Found – Hotspot will only appear once it is found.
  • Change Once Complete – Hotspot Icon can change after its found.
  • Added “Action Complete Criteria” to PopUps
  • Quiz PopUp: PopUp Closed, All Answered or All Correct
  • Checklist PopUp: PopUp Closed, All Slides Viewed or All Checked
  • Others PopUps: PopUp Closed or All Slides Viewed
  • Added Sound Board
  • Users can add sound clips to an array.
  • When running experience in Desktop the clips can be played at any time via Remote Controls.
  • Added text style and margin properties for Text Slide in sequence.
  • Added Theme Preview.
  • Theme is now split into multiple tabs: Hotspots, Icons, PopUps, Quiz, Label and Audio.
  • Each tab has a real time preview showing users what the theme will look like.
  • Added Custom Surface Aspect Ratio settings to Immersive Manager.
  • It is now possible to target a specific rendered aspect ratio for a surface.
  • Note: Output resolution and aspect ratio remain unchanged.
  • Fixed an issue where Split and Media PopUp Previews aspect ratio wasn’t necessarily accurate after the first slide.
  • Fixed bug where Mute Video Audio property wasn’t working correctly in WebGL.

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