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Immersive Studio
Version 1.9.0 Update


  • Fixed RTL in sequence slides.
  • Updated UI with Collapsible Groups
  • This better highlights the important controls and hides more advanced controls behind collapsed groups.
  • Moved CAGType and 3D Camera Scaling settings into Background Settings.
  • Added CAG Overlay for 3D setups (Cube and Equirectangular Backgrounds)
  • New Hotspot Repositioning System for different room layouts.
  • Hotspots will remain a constant size relative to the height of the screen no matter what the setup is.
  • This will result in experiences scaling better to Wide and Wide Front Rooms.
  • Added Quiz Text Provider
  • This allows you to change the text displayed Correct, Incorrect, Times Up and Results Screens
  • Added Final Score Screen Message to Global Quiz Settings
  • Added PopUp Close Audio to Theme
  • Significantly reduced build size.
  • Down from 80mb to 15mb.

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