Software Versions

Immersive Studio
Version 1.8.0 Update


  • Updated Hotspot Reordering
  • Improved UI launched from left column
    • Hotspot Icon and name help identify different hotspots.
    • When Hotspot Sorter panel is open, hotspot names are displayed above the hotspot.
  • Multi Hotspots are now included alongside single hotspots.
  • Fixed bug where Hotspots would be incorrectly positioned in Desktop Mode.
  • Quiz Global Settings
  • Change Title
  • Add Timer
  • Disable Close Button
  • Disable Final Score Screen
  • Change Mode to Accept Incorrect Answers and Display Question Result Screen
  • Quiz Improvements
    • Images in answers now scale up to fill space.
    • Improved Fill in the Blank Visuals to correctly highlight correct/incorrect and current elements

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