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Immersive Studio
Version 1.6.0 Update


  • Added Camera Scaling Mode 3D to Immersive Manager Settings
    • This allows you to choose between FixedVertical or Fixed Horizontal FOV
    • Fixed Vertical FOV = Cameras have variable FOVs but the Centre Camera will more closely match a standard space
    • Fixed Horizontal FOV = All Cameras have a 90° Horizontal FOV
  • Added new HotspotController Setting – Darken Background While Hotspot Active
    • You can enable/disable and choose intensity.
  • Reimplemented Hotspot Reordering
    • Note: This only works with Single Hotspots. Multi Hotspots are always after Single Hotspots.
    • This is a temporary fix and further improvements will be made down the line.
  • Bug Fix: PopUp Close audio is no longer clipped before its finished.
  • Categorization Quiz
    • Added an option to add third category for the Categorization question slide.

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