Software Versions

Immersive Studio
Version 1.5.0 Update

  • Added Header Controls
    • Play/Pause
    • Virtual Room/Flat View
  • Added PlayMode
    • This disables all Edit UI while previewing experience.
  • Quiz PopUp Improvements
    • Text in answers automatically scales down to fit in box
  • Added Option to Hotspot Settings, Multi Hotspot – Max Once Child Active
    • This now allows you to have multiple child hotspots open at the same time
    • Can be useful when used alongeside PopUps positioned on specific surfaces
  • Added ability to position PopUps on Specific Canvas
    • Also added a “Horizontal Offset” option
  • Region Hotspot
    • Added Region Hotspot type in Studio
    • Region Hotspots have 3 visual type options
    • Invisible, Bordered and BorderedOnceFound
    • Border Settings can be changed in Theme

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