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Immersive Studio
Version 1.11.0 Update


  • Added Font to Theme
  • Allows you to pick any font from Google Fonts.
  • Font will be applied to entire experience.
  • Added Floor Image property to Immersive Cube background.
  • Quiz PopUp Final Score Screen will now display for Single Slide quizzes and all quiz types
  • Added Individual mode to the Fill in the Blank Quiz PopUp
  • This allows each element to have its own set of options, with “incorrect” options provided manually
  • Added Rotation Buttons when there are less than 3 surfaces.
  • Background Creator now has a 360 Rotation Option
  • This will show Rotation Button on all room setup and allow for 360 scenes to be rotated through 360 degrees.
  • Quiz Text Provider now supports RTL.
  • Fixed issue where Child Hotspots could appear in front of Multi Hotspot.
  • Updated Checklist PopUp to support Grid layout and Image option
  • Added more Remote Control Components
  • Quizzes all have notes components and now have control components.

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