Software Versions

Immersive Studio
Version 1.10.0 Update


  • Added Hotspot Counter and Timer Components
  • Hotspot Counter shows how many of the Hotspots actions have been completed.
  • Timer allows you to display real world time, a predefined time, or a stop watch counting up or down.
  • Added Initial Remote Control integration. Following Feature Supported:
  • Controlling Intro/End Sequence
  • Opening Hotspots and Multi Hotspots
  • Controlling Non-Quiz PopUps
  • Info display for Text/Split and Multi Choice quiz PopUps.
  • Added Default Hotspot Size to theme.
  • This size will be used whenever a new Hotspot is created or Reset Scale button is pressed.
  • Fixed Bug where certain controls wouldn’t work.
  • Eg. Title in text popup and MaxOneHotspotActive
  • Fixed Bug where deleting a Multi Hotspots would break Reorderables.

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