Software Versions

Immersive Studio
2.18.0 Update

Voting Quiz

  • Launch of a New Quiz Template: The ‘Voting Quiz’, a new template enabling the answering of questions through a voting mechanism, has been launched. This innovative approach provides an engaging and interactive method for participant involvement.
  • Introduction of Co-Op and VS Modes: The flexibility of group interaction is expanded with the introduction of two modes: Co-Op, which fosters teamwork by grouping participants into a single team, and VS, which stimulates friendly competition between teams.

Adaptation of Layout to Various Display Surfaces: The design of the Voting Quiz template ensures that its layout adapts to different display surfaces, maintaining a consistent and optimal user experience across various devices.

Quiz PopUp Atoms

  • Tracking with Predefined Scene Atoms: The ability to track the total number of questions, along with the number of correct and incorrect answers, has been enhanced through the introduction of predefined scene atoms. These atoms have been made available for each quiz popup individually, as well as collectively for all quiz popups within a scene.

Splattable Lifetime

Optional Lifetime Setting: Splat System now includes an optional ‘Lifetime’ setting for splattables. This feature allows for better control over the duration that splattables remain visible, enabling more dynamic and engaging interactions

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