What are the benefits of immersive teaching for pupils with learning difficulties?


Create safe real-world environments for your pupils with sights, sounds, scents and touch.


Interact with the environment through touch points on the walls and floor.

Adaptable environments

Choose from stimulating, engaging or calming experiences.

Training and support

Access our team to help you create your engaging setting.

Immersive spaces in a learning difficulty setting

The flexibility of our immersive environments means that scenarios can be controlled in various ways for students of all abilities to enjoy.

Whether the environment needs to be soothing or stimulating, the space can be adapted to suit the needs of pupils with learning difficulties.

We can guarantee that our interactive learning spaces are fully inclusive and accessible for all learning abilities.

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Touch Interactive

Our fully integrated system allows you to discover, create and edit content easily, resulting in a completely tailored experience for your students.

360 Camera

Film your own virtual field-trips in 5k 360 video and create your own interactive immersive worlds that students can engage with through touch, sight, smell and sound.

Content Library

Thousands of in-built resources, easily integrate third party content, access content from the global community, or make your own.

High Quality Hardware

State-of-the-art projectors that help create a real-world experience.

Training and Ongoing Support

Our team will provide in-depth training and continuous support, giving you peace of mind every step of the way.

Easy Control

Our fully integrated system allows you to discover, create and launch content easily, resulting in a completely tailored experience for your students.

Build your immersive interactive environment.

Our expert team will help create a setting that will engage and inspire.

Whatever your space and requirements, we guarantee we’ll provide you with the best immersive environment.

Immersive Classrooms FAQs

The combination of immersion and interactivity provides educators an adaptable platform to create customized experiences that engage students with special needs. The flexibility of the environments enables everything from calming and relaxing sensory sessions to energising games which foster motor skills development. Additionally the library of content and the power of our editor, immersive studio allow for highly targeted educational activities that bring learning to life for students.

  • Provide multi-sensory experiences that appeal to different learning styles like visual, auditory, and kinaesthetic.
  • Fostering motor skills development through immersive games.
  • Immerse students in activities tailored to specific skills or challenges. This allows focused learning in a safe, controlled environment.
  • Offer relaxation and calm spaces to help regulate emotions and behaviour.
  • Encourage collaboration and socialisation through multi-user experiences.
  • Enable students to crucial practice life skills like crossing streets or shopping.
  • Virtual field trips allow exploration to horizon-expanding locations without concerns over physical access or logistics.
  • Adjustable difficulty levels support gradual skill progression.
  • Replayability allows repetition for improved comprehension and mastery.

You can select experiences by tapping on thumbnails that are on a supplied tablet. Experiences can be arranged into collections similar to folders or playlists, so even non-technical users will find it very easy to control the environment. The whole system can be turned on and off using a single button.

Immersive studio is loaded with a growing and diverse collection of experiences made by our in-house content team and by our global community of users. In addition, you can utilise and interact with third party content, including YouTube, Street View and many more exceptional resources and websites.

The content can be saved to and managed via our easy-to-use cloud-based dashboard. Our team adds new interactive educational content each month and the community are also uploading new high-quality resources at a rapid pace.

Our software enables the incorporation and control of nearly any environmental effect to enhance immersion.

High-quality nebulizing aroma dispensers can disperse themed scents to engage the sense of smell. Wind machines subtly evoke feelings of motion or being outdoors. LED lighting options like colour washes, ceiling tiles, and spots create ambient lighting synced to the experience or controlled independently.

We’ve also integrated devices like bubble tubes, LED ropes, rumble floors, ultra-violet emitters, smoke machines, and more for different needs. More or less any device can be integrated and controlled through our software interface.

Timeline programming allows effects to be choreographed and automated during experiences. Or educators can manually trigger effects dynamically through the tablet.

By combining visuals, sound, and physical effects, we can tune spaces for maximum immersion. The more senses an experience engages, the deeper users are transported into the content. Our flexible control systems allow endlessly customisable multi-sensory environments.

Our spaces blend virtual reality’s sense of immersion with multi-sensory storytelling and gamification, creating highly engaging experiences for participants.

The immersive qualities make the learning process more enjoyable and improve information retention.

By challenging users to interactive with activities within an experience, our spaces actively engage users with the material. Engagement then often continues beyond the immersive space, extending back into the classroom.

We offer various projector options to match the size, budget, and needs of your space. Ultra-short throw laser projectors are commonly used for their ability to project large, bright images from short distances. For larger spaces or situations requiring exceptionally high resolution, we can equip the system with high lumen 4K projectors.

Our experts will help select the ideal projectors to create stunning visuals within your immersive environment.

The multi-sensory, interactive nature of the rooms enables diverse applications, from realistic life skills challenges, fun energising games, educational exercises and experiences covering the core curriculum and relaxing sensory environments and virtual field trips. Educators can group experiences into collections that cover subjects from multiple perspectives. Experiences can vary in length and depth, allowing educators and the editing software allows you to tailor lesson to meet the needs of individual learners. The versatility empowers creative approaches to teaching across subjects.

Immersive spaces are ideal for:

  • Virtual field trips
  • Simulating real-world life-skills scenarios
  • Transporting students through time or space
  • Gamified learning activities
  • Setting an engaging context for lessons
  • Energising, movement promoting games
  • Calming sensory scenes

The versatility allows educators to utilise the spaces for experiential learning across subjects, locations, and time periods. By sparking curiosity and active participation, immersive spaces promote deeper retention and engagement.

Our state-of-the-art immersive studio software enables easy creation of interactive immersive content. Visual drag-and-drop tools allow you to add hotspots, popups, and add 360 or panoramic background videos or images – all from your browser.

The cloud-based platform supports 8K 360° video and provides a virtual room view to preview how scenes will look. Easily clone, edit, and remix existing content or create fully custom experiences using thousands of built-in assets or your own uploads.

Create once, then share and run content in any space. Collaborate with colleagues on immersive experiences using our optimized immersion room creation platform.

Yes, our software makes it easy to utilise third party content in the immersive space. You can incorporate web pages into your experiences and use the touch functionality to interact with it. Some ways to leverage external resources include:

YouTube Videos – Embed or link to YouTube videos and 360 degree YouTube videos to display in the immersive environment. This allows you to supplement lessons with relevant video footage.

Google Street View – Integrate Street View imagery to create virtual tours tied to course material. Students can explore far-off places and terrain.

Web Browser – The system can display any website. Use this to showcase educational sites, online exhibits, interactive maps, and more.

Audio – Include podcasts, interviews, music, and other audio clips for engaging auditory elements.

Our spaces are fully customizable based on each school’s needs and available room size. We have designed spaces ranging from 3m/10ft up to over 10m/33ft across, with a typical room being around 4m/13ft.

The spaces can be configured with different numbers of interactive surfaces, for example adding a back wall screen. An interactive floor can also be incorporated for additional

Whether building a compact immersive nook or a spacious fully surrounded environment, our solutions scale to make the most of your physical space. We work closely with you to engineer the optimal layout and surface configuration to match your programs, budget, and goals. Our flexible systems allow your space vision to become reality.

We offer complete training and support through multiple formats to equip your users with the knowledge to fully utilise the system and create engaging experiences.

Our solution includes comprehensive documentation, training materials, and ongoing in-person and online training.

We provide training on all aspects – using the spaces, finding/saving content, and creating impactful experiences.

Training materials consist of short video tutorials and walkthroughs for developing different content types.

Your team gets unrestricted access to our full knowledge base and online tutorials.

We can normally have your space up and running and your users trained how to use the software and content within 4-6 weeks of receiving the purchase order. Our team work extremely efficiently to minimise on-site disruption and all equipment is tested prior to on-site installation.