St Georges Hall

St George's Hall is renowned for its historical and cultural significance in Liverpool, the UK, and beyond.

It's been home to all walks of life – from royalty and the aristocracy attending extravagant balls and social events to the working class and those in poverty, awaiting their sentence for their crimes in dark and dingy prison cells.

The History Whisperer exhibition offers a unique, interactive experience where you can digitally explore the Hall’s vast and varied history inside its iconic architecture.

It follows the story of protagonist Livie and the trial of her brother Jack. As the story progresses, visitors can get a taste of a prisoner’s journey, from being taken through the prison gates to living in a cell awaiting trial to being taken up into the court for sentencing.

The main prison corridor required four Epson projectors to execute a smooth and continuous shot across a 48 m2 metre wall showcasing different eras of the Liverpool Mercury, as seen below.

St George’s Hall is a Grade I listed building, meaning the existing architecture had to be perfectly preserved and unaffected by the installation process.

To avoid any damage, the Immersive team maintained the conservation of the building by attaching the fixed equipment to the mortar of the brickwork rather than the brick itself.

The History Whisperer has proved a massive success since its opening date, selling out all 2500 tickets in 24 hours for the exhibition’s trial week. St George’s Hall’s Head of Heritage Development & Preservation Alan Smith said the exhibition has been “fantastically well-received”, and they’re looking to see “how to develop it going forward to add more digital interpretations” soon.