Key to Life – Mobile Immersive Space 

Counties approached us to create a mobile version of our Immersive Space that would allow their 'Key to Life' programme to be taken on the road as a fully interactive experience.

Two one-hour-long lessons were developed with input from Counties and included video, animation, quizzes, interactive scenes, and group games.

The space is fully self-contained and powered by its generator.

The unit sits on the back of an Iveco van and can be set up in any school car park or playground in the country. The sides opened out to create a 20 m2 floor space, easily accommodating large groups of 30+ pupil.

A fully interactive mobile working space.

Key featured included:

Fully interactive, mobile Immersive Space
Bespoke interactive lessons
Over 9000 visitors in year 1
Award-winning project
100% system uptime
100% of support tickets were resolved remotely
80% of support tickets were resolved within two hours