Athena Project – Israel 

For almost fifteen years, the Athena Fund has been empowering teachers – providing technological solutions, closing the digital gap, and restoring the appreciation of students and their parents for the teaching profession.

Athena has recently developed and funded the ImagineBox interactive classroom – powered by our software and content.

Over 20 interactive classrooms have been installed in schools and teacher training colleges across Israel, with 30 to be installed by the end of the year 2024.

Hundreds of teachers and thousands of students will begin using ImagineBox – immersive interactive classrooms where students experience the learned material instead of memorising it.

ImagineBox will enable students to experience innovative and deep learning that will help them develop 21st-century skills and prepare for life after graduation.

More than ever, this project is founded on a model or teacher-driven curriculum content creation.

Teachers are being trained in detail on Immersive Studio to deliver empowering immersive experiences. The goal is to convert the complete curricula and have teachers share content nationwide and beyond.