Introducing Timeline and Real-Time Control

Find out more about how you can create your own scenarios and immersive experiences using our simple-to-use in-house software.


The Immersive Interactive controller software offers three ways in which to trigger events within your scenarios: timeline, real-time and, of course, interactivity. 

Using the timeline editor, the precise start and end time of effects can be scheduled, enabling you, for example, to fill the room with smoke as a rockets blast off or to turn on a fan to simulate a gust of wind. 

Using the controls aspect of the software, you can also trigger these events on demand at the tap of a button. This allows the scene to be dynamic and enables the trainer to alter the environment depending on how the training or lesson is proceeding. 

Immersive’s approach of integrating all aspects of an immersive space into a single control system allows for this flexibility and the unique range of control.